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Solid Surfaces Unlimited is an optimal partner for commercial projects of all types, including large scale projects.  We work with general contractors, facility managers, millworks or direct with the business owner to ensure a seamless design, manufacturing, and installation process.  Offering cutting edge technology and the leading brands in solid surface, granite, and quartz products, we are your counter surface solution!  We have the means to provide natural stone, quartz surfacing, and solid surfacing for healthcare nursing stations and patient rooms, kitchen and bath countertops in hotels and resorts, multi-unit housing, entertainment hospitality, decorative fireplace surroundings and more.


we have done

 Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s North Terminal  U of M Health Systems  DMC  McDonald’s  Marriot Group Hotels  GMC & Chevy Dealers  Little Caesars Arena

Benefits of working with solid Surfaces unlimited

Electronic Templating. Substrates and millwork can be quickly and accurately templated and the data transferred to production through AutoCAD.


Computerized Manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art production facility utilizes computerized processing equipment, including CNC, waterjet and automated edge polishing machines.


Green Manufacturing. Solid Surfaces Unlimited recycles 100% of the water used in processing its decorative surfacing projects. Waste products and consumables are recycled where possible.


Consistent Quality. Computerized equipment is only half the equation when it comes to providing consistency and quality of finish. Our team of trained craftsmen rely on years of experience to respond to changes as they arise.


On Time. Time is money, and we do all we can to ensure your project is delivered and/or installed when it is needed.


Within Budget. We take great pride in our ability to accurately estimate project costs before we bid the job. Likewise, change orders and additions are generated quickly and professionally to provide you the tools you need to control costs and overruns.


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